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Online Recording Studio


Work with veteran professional producers, musicians and marketers.

Dream Records offers you a chance to work with a world-class team of music industry professionals to really bring your songs to life. You’ll get all the benefits of signing with a major label without having to sign your rights away!

You will partner with a team of world-class producers, engineers and arrangers, along with top-tier musicians all working together to help craft the final version of your artistic vision, all while YOU retain 100% of the rights and licensing to your song!

Once your song is finished, we will also assist you in marketing your song and help you gain the recognition your art deserves.

Take it to the next level with Dream Records Online recording studio



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Head Office 

910 Beach Avenue, Vancouver BC, Canada V6Z 2W7


Our studio is open 7 days a week:

Monday-Friday 8am - 11pm

Saturday-10am - 11pm

Sunday-12pm - 11pm